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Dr. Norm Dawson

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Hearing & Dementia Connections 

VISION:  A World Free of Dementia/Alzheimer's

How I survived a supercharged mid-life crises of being deaf for 25 years without developing dementia/Alzheimer's.

Meet Dr. Norm

About Dr. Norm

Introducing Dr. Norm Dawson, a renowned professional speaker and advocate for dementia prevention. With an inspiring personal journey, Dr. Dawson brings a unique perspective to the subject, given that he has been deaf for 2/3 of his life. At the age of 75, he defies expectations by not only living without dementia but also dedicating his talks to identifying and reducing the risks associated with this condition.

Dr. Dawson's life has been shaped by his hearing impairment, and he has fearlessly conquered the barriers that came with it. Despite experiencing a gradual decline in his hearing from the age of 5 to 27, he defied the odds and attended public schools. At 27, he embraced sign language, embarking on an extraordinary educational journey that led him to achieve three college degrees, including a doctorate in chiropractic studies.

Throughout his life, Dr. Dawson has demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit, successfully establishing multiple businesses. Additionally, he is happily married for over 43 years and is a proud father of five children, a testament to his commitment to personal and familial growth.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Dawson finds joy and fulfillment in playing the ukulele with a senior group to assistive living facilities. His dedication to helping others see the endless possibilities in the face of challenges is a driving force behind his passion for public speaking.

Dr. Dawson's quest for personal growth and development has been lifelong, and he has engaged in various programs, including the

"You got to have a dream to make your dream come true!"


  • Parker College of Chiropractic

  • University of New Mexico

  • HealthCoach Training Program - Hilton Johnson

  • Landmark Education

  • Dale Carnegie Graduate

  • Toastmasters DTM

  • LinkedIn

renowned Landmark Forum and Dale Carnegie courses.


Notably, Toastmasters International has played a pivotal role in honing his speaking, leadership, and organizational skills.

Recognized for his outstanding contributions, Dr. Dawson has actively participated in numerous civic endeavors and is hailed as a respected leader within his community.

Prepare to be inspired by Dr. Norm Dawson as he empowers audiences to overcome obstacles and discover the boundless potential within themselves. His invaluable insights and unwavering dedication to dementia prevention make him an exceptional speaker and a true catalyst for positive change.”

2020 Lancet Report finds hearing aids can protect against cognitive decline

Published by HearingLife, October 13, 2020 You may have heard that studies have shown there is an important link between hearing loss and dementia. Now, new research highlights that wearing hearing aids can protect you from cognitive decline. The Lancet Commission published a new study on hearing loss and dementia on July 30, 2020, which shows that hearing loss is the largest modifiable risk factor against dementia. According to the report, dementia risk varies based on level of hearing loss: • Mild hearing loss doubles the dementia risk. • Moderate hearing loss triples the risk. • Severe hearing impairment increases dementia risk of up to 5 times that of those who do not have hearing impairment.

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"I have known Dr. Dawson for many years and can't say enough good things about him. He is a wealth of knowledge on so many subjects. He is an excellent public speaker - keeps his audience engaged and knows his material. I so appreciate his understanding of brain health and what our brains need to perform best. In addition, his sense of humor and quick wit are some of his best attributes!"

Carol Clifford​ -  Doctor of Audiology,  Albuquerque Hearing and Balance​

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"Dr. Norm is an extraordinary leader and business manager. He has a strong business sense and an equally high level of business ethics. He understands and has the experience to work with complex business circumstances and opportunities. I encourage people who are considering doing business with him to go forward and do so. He will live up to your expectations."

R. Wallace - Former IT Director, Presbyterian Health Services

"Gut health is a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. A product line that helps me maintain the good gastrointestinal health needed to live my active and healthy lifestyle and it was simple. It gives me and my patients clean products that work.”

Chiropractic Physician - A. Albers, DC • Pagosa Springs, CO

"Dr Norm’s informative and compelling presentation was a game changer for me. Afterward my wife and I had a serious discussion about things that we needed to change and do to avoid dementia based upon Dr Norm’s recommendations and we have implemented them in our daily lives.”

Robby Beck Esq. • Clayton, NM

"Great service and product representation. I love both the professionalism and knowledge and appreciate great customer service. All businesses should take note.”

Michael Hollender • Jupiter, FL

"I was fascinated by Dr. Dawson’s presentation on Hearing Loss and Dementia that he gave at Meadowlark Senior Center. He was very knowledgeable about his material and kept me engaged with the presentation. He was heartfelt and authentic about his personal experiences."


Elenny Mata, RN BSN  • Hope Transitions, Founder • Albuquerque, NM

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