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About Dr. Norm

  • Appointed to the Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology & Hearing Aid Dispensing Practices Board

  • Retired Chiropractor

  • Functional medicine advisor

  • Body sciences instructor

  • Passionate about education – loves to learn

  • Quality of life is our personal responsibility

  • All health starts in the mind – affects the cells

  • Plays the ukulele

  • Loves trains

  • Progressive hearing loss – deafness

I started out life as a small child — the second of four children. My curiosity often got me in trouble because I was interested in how things worked.

My dad was an Osteopathic Physician and I spent many hours in his office because we lived in a room in the back. My most vivid recollection of that office was the sign that hung on the file cabinet which read: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

I was inspired by my Dad’s ability to observe someone walk into the office and almost immediately be able to diagnose the individual. I saw my dad’s medical practice soar and become one of the most successful in the Albuquerque area.

A progressive hearing loss gave me the opportunity to self-advocate at fifteen years of age. I was struggling to hear in high school so I demanded my dad get me a hearing aid even though those “contraptions” on the earpiece of my glasses became a cause of ridicule and bullying. I overcame the ridicule as a young adult by creating strong friendships and also marrying very young.

After my first son was born and a divorce, my hearing continued to decline to complete deafness. Once again, I took responsibility for personal growth, for my life choices, and researched programs that were available so I could make the most of services available to people with disabilities.

In my late 20s (1977) I returned to school and got my Bachelors of University Studies degree from the University of New Mexico (UNM). I utilized sign language interpreters and note takers in all my classes and extracurricular activities including when I served as a student senator.

Dr Norm with wife Barbara

It was in college that I exercised my strong belief in doing the right thing and empowering others. I took on UNM because I felt accessibility for people with disabilities was not on the University’s radar. They lacked ramps, automatic doors, and accessibility to many areas of education including extra curricular activities. With the help of the US Department of Justice I made sure that accessibility became the “norm.” 

I started my first business with my wife, Barbara. Seeing an opportunity in computers in the early 1980’s we taught large organizations how to use these NEW desktop computers (PCs). We learned a lot about business and grew tremendously.

After several years, I felt I needed more education to pursue my passion of helping others. I decided to become a chiropractic physician. In 1988 we moved to Dallas, TX to attend Parker College of Chiropractic. After graduating with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and a Bachelors in Human Anatomy with an emphasis in nutrition, I opened a practice in Albuquerque, NM.

I loved seeing patients walk in with long-term structural/functional dis-ease and walk out feeling better than they had felt in years.

What was missing in my practice was something internal for my patients. The need for a supplemental nutritional product kept showing up. My continuing education validated my belief that — all disease is steeped in inflammation — from car accidents to aging. Being non-allopathic, I believed that all health starts in the mind and affects the cells.

Finally, through the gift of a friend’s call, I found supplementation that I could trust. A science-based nutrition that worked. I was not quick to say yes when she called, in fact, I questioned the heck out of her! At that time, I believed a vitamin was a vitamin! I wanted proof that the claims that were being made were true which lead me to read an article on heart disease (because my mother had just had a minor stroke). That one, six-page article had 68 medical citations … on multi -vitamins!

At age 74, I came to a realization that I had no hearing for 25 years (ages 27 to 52). I came across some research suggesting that hearing loss is a very high modifiable risk for avoiding the development of dementia. I don't have dementia or Alzheimer's! I believe I accidentally took the necessary steps to prevent it. I reduced the 12 modifiable risks during those 25 years and I am ready to share that information with the world.

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