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5 Great Reasons to Love Coffee

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

“Good to the very last drop” Maxwell House Coffee.

“Java Jive” by The Inkspots (click to hear song)

And look at all the local coffee shops, national chains, and coffee brewing in homes every day. We all love coffee!

Why drink it?

I love to drink a cup of coffee with my wife first thing in the morning. And then maybe another cup later. When I meet folks at a coffee shop I usually get another cup. But not too late in the day or I will be up most of the night.

There’s exciting news for coffee lovers! You can indulge coffee guilt-free!

An article from the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease states that coffee may reduce the risk of dementia!

Here’s another article from AxiosPro, Coffee, the healthy indulgence says coffee may also:

  1. Lengthens your life.

  2. Reduces the risk of dementia.

  3. Reduces the risk of stroke and heart failure.

  4. Protects against Type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer and liver disease.

  5. Boosts your mood, especially during wintertime when we have fewer hours of daylight.

But, know your limits. There are some health risks from too much of a good thing, some brews are better than others and adding flavorings may add calories.

The bottom line:

Enjoy it guilt-free, decaffeinated or regular. But also get your hearing checked. Be ambitious, as the Lancet Commission says, about reducing the risk factors associated with acquiring dementia.

I hope you are enjoying this article as you sip on your guilt-free Cuppa Joe.

My vision is A World Free of Dementia/Alzheimer’s.

I write this blog to alert people about dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease. There are 12 modifiable risk factors associated with this disease. It is expected to triple in the next 30 years. Hearing loss is the highest modifiable risk factor. The 11 others are lifestyle choices. I am sharing ways to reduce or stop dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Contact me fa for a FREE downloadable PDF on the 12 modifiable risks for dementia


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