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What impact might cell phone and Bluetooth radiation have on the inner ear?

Did you notice the small print on the outside of your cellphone or Bluetooth that says, “WARNING - the use of this device may be hazardous to your health?” No surprise! There is none.

Cellphone companies are a multibillion-dollar industry vying to distort the science, so I wanted to help people sort fact from fiction.

A recent article discussed the long-term use of cellphones and how it may make your hearing worse. It does.

The article, by Dr. Michael Greger, says that the longer you use a cellphone held up to your ear the more the risk is to hearing loss. And the more frequently you do that the greater the risk.

The leading risk factor for dementia/Alzheimer's, according the the Lancet Commission, is hearing loss. Even a small loss can lead to dementia. Although there are 12 modifiable risk factors identified by the Commission, hearing loss is the biggest one.

The author also examines the potential of Bluetooth headset radiation as well. Apparently, he found that even though the “Bluetooth operates at a higher frequency than cell phones, so, at the same power, Bluetooth might be more hazardous, but it also operates at nearly a thousand times lower strength.” His conclusion was that Bluetooth does not harm your hearing cells.

So taken together, the use of the cellphone in your pocket with a Bluetooth to your ear “is generally safer in terms of electromagnet fields effects on the nervous system and therefore represents a viable solution for safer [cell phone] operation.”

The Lancet Commission suggests, be ambitious in reducing the risk factors for dementia. Get your hearing tested now. Keep your cellphone in your pocket. Make good life style choices as part of your regular personal health responsibility.

Contact me for a FREE 2 page PDF summary of the 12 modifiable risk factors for dementia.

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